Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Saint Anne des Monts to Mont Louis in the Haute Gaspésie.

Ruth: It doesn't get better than this. After a couple of moderate hills the cycling today flattened out into a ribbon of asphalt snaking its way around several headlands and beaches. Add to that three separate sightings of minke whales and a lovely camping spot at the end of the day. Perfect. 

The landscape is changing quickly. The villages out on barren points are now being squeezed between coves and mountains that rise up right behind. Tomorrow our flat ribbon will disappear as we climb some of the steepest grades on the Gaspé peninsula.

Gordon:  We generally check for local activities when we are in a town, and yesterday we got lucky.  Alejandra Ribera was playing in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts at a small cultural centre just a hundred metres from our hotel.  Her music could be characterized as alternative, with jazz and Latin influences.  We had front row seats for the thoroughly delightful concert.

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