Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Ruth: It's wild blueberry season in Parrsboro.

Parrsboro is located on the Nova Scotian side of the Bay of Fundy. It is the town where my Great Aunt Betty was born and grew up. When I was 16 my Great Aunt and Uncle brought me here for a wonderful summer vacation. I can still hear my Uncle Archie's stories as Gord and I wander through the village and explore the waterfront. After a visit to Chapel street to see my aunt's old house we headed down to the shore to see the big Fundy tides. It was not that long after high tide when the dock and harbour water drained away, leaving the boats beached until the next tide came in. 

Today we cycled back from Parrsboro to Sackville, New Brunswick. We were prepared for a rainy day but it was by far our wettest yet. When we dripped into the Tourist office at the border an employee with a mop followed us in. I must say that tourist offices in New Brunswick are the most helpful we have ever encountered. Sure, the guys over in Nova Scotia wear kilts while handing out brochures, but the people in the New Brunswick branches are amazing- especially if you arrive soaked to the skin. After a few phone calls we had a booking for a warm and dry room in Sackville. The rain mostly stopped for our last 9 Kms, but the cross wind was gusting up to 50 Kms an hour. You had to lean into the wind just to stay upright, and each passing semi gave us a good buffeting.  It was helpful that the paved shoulders are generally quite broad in New Brunswick, unlike the handwidth's worth that is common in Nova Scotia.  In any event, I am glad that today's ride is over.

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