Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Le Puy-En-Velay

We spent more time in Le Puy-en Velay than we had planned while we waited for our lost luggage to arrive. It helped to build the dramatic tension before heading out on Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. My parents met up with us there for a few days of overlap so we could enjoy this strange but amazing town together. We were very well cared for at the convent of St Francois were we stayed.

About the Walking

June 30, 2009 Lyon, France
Gord and I arrived in Lyon after a long flight, or series of flights from Victoria, Canada.

We thoroughly enjoyed our few days there, recovering from jet lag with glorious food and art.

We came to France to walk part of the GR65 starting at Le Puy-en-Velay. It was a test run to see if we liked walking enough to try to complete the Camino de Santiago in the following year.