Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tyrolian Food in Innsbruck and suppressing the urge to sing, "The Hills Are Alive."

 Our week in Innsbruck is coming to an end and we will take up our bike pilgrimage on Tuesday heading first  up the Inn river  following the Camino to Santiago or Jakobsweg and then returning to the Via Francegena when we connect with it in Lausanne .

 We have had a wonderful introduction to Austria with  lots of time enjoying the beautiful mountains and sampling  the best of Tyrolean Food. Ilse and Kurt are both fabulous cooks and  each night we discover another fabulous local dish.   We have really enjoyed everything especially the Tyrolean dumpling including Speckknödel (dumplings with pieces of bacon) and Spinatknödel (made of spinach) and another dessert knödel with apricots in the center! I have had so many dumplings that Gord now refers to me affectionately as his little knödel.

I secretly want to sing the Sound of Music songs all the time, but I try to suppress the urge as much as possible, given it is an American movie that most Austrians have never seen. I was overcome at one point today and burst into a Chorus of the yodlelling goatherd song for Ilse and Kurt. As far as my secret research has determined, there are a few Austrian elements in the movie. They are the following:
-The Von Trapps were a real Austrian Family
-Edelweiss is an Austrian song
-Whiskers on kittens
-Brown paper packages ( thanks Beatrice)
-Lonely goats
And the Hills really are alive with the Sound of Music!

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