Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Innsbruck to Imst: First day back on the Camino

Imst, Austria
Innsbruck to Imst 60km all on bike path and flat until last 10km
Romedihof  Backpacker Hostel

This morning we parted company with Innsbruck and our incomparable hosts Kurt and Ilse.  We are very taken with the area and I am sure we will see both the city and our friends again.

Any sadness regarding our departure was quickly eclipsed by the excitement of our first day of cycling.  The cycle route was extraordinary, providing a separate cycle trail, mostly paved, for almost the entire 60 km ride to Imst.  The last 10 km in particular constituted some of the most beautiful cycle touring I have ever experienced, as our 8 foot strip of asphalt snaked through the forest, crossed small bridges over the Inn river, and wandered through villages and farms.  Although we have not actually gained much in elevation, the valley is narrowing and it feels like we are climbing up to the pass. That will be tomorrow's work.
Our accommodation this evening is a hostel located in a former inn constructed in1460.  It has a medieval feeling, with groin vaulted hallways and low stone doorways.  We got into the pilgrim spirit by sharing dinner with Marco, an Italian who is walking a portion of Jakobsweg.


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