Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Eurovelo 6 from the Atlantic to the Black Sea 2016

On July 7th 2016 Gord and I fly to France to begin one of our longest bike tours yet.

This trip is our Plan B. Originally we were going to try to cycle across Canada, but the stars were not aligned for that trip. In March I bought a new bike even though there was nothing wrong with my old bike Wanda. I ended up straining both knees riding on it  because it was not set up in the right configuration. I am back on Wanda and slowly getting stronger, but a flatter route with a train line paralleling it seems like a better idea for this year.  The rocky mountains and the steep short hills in  Northern Ontario might have done me in  for good. If I am going to be stranded somewhere I guess I would rather be stranded in a village in France than in Wawa.  My apologies to Wawaians, I have not actually been to your cultural mecca, and I am sure it is lovely place.


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